Postage - Large Letter £1, Small parcel from £3.50. Read our pricing in our blog. 


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Pop up events , start in July 2021

   North Sea Observatory Gallery Chapel Point PE24 5XA 

 We are joined by our team of Artisan Crafters. For the ACL craft market. An exhibition and sale of bespoke handmade high quality products from Lincolnshire. Includes Designer Handbags, silversmith, Handmade Silver jewellery, turned and handmade wooden items, …

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Wood turned and Handmade

You get a highly polished item made of solid wood, Which started life as a tree, grown in a sustainable forest .Nurtured and looked after, until it was cut down and milled, into a plank. The plank was transported to a wood yard and carefully stored to dry, using a kiln. We come along and buy the timber. It is then …

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Craft Courses

Tracy, BSc. Hons, runs local craft courses. Tracy teaches sessions in Spinning , weaving , lucet braiding and fibre preparation. Using our own wooden items.  

 Our next bookable course is at Alford, Lincolnshire. You can book online, in person at the Alford Craft Market Shop (open 10-4 each day except Sundays) or by …

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Jeanette H

Thank you so much for my 'flat pack' lazy Kate. The craftsmanship and quality of the wood you use is always exceptional and it is a …

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22 Reviews

Bought a naughty step, these are brilliant, so well made, a credit to the crafter and just the right size. Thankyou will be back❤️

Jun 3, 2021
Sylvia Turner


North Sea Observatory Events
Chapel Point Chapel St Leonards Skegness PE24 5XA

 Super Exciting news to announce, this week. We have secured retail space at the North Sea observatory, With regular monthly retail Makers markets, we will be show casing our new eco-friendly, plastic free Kitchen range. Which includes chopping …

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  Our large letter postage is £1. This is up to 100g weight and 24cm depth. Our small parcel is from £3.50, which is up to 2KG. Or medium parcel is £5.50. Each item is charged an additional 50p, due to weight and insurance. The website is set to …

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G7 and what it means to us.

 While the big countries meet in Cornwall for the G7 meeting
biodiversity, sustainability as well as the impact we are having on the world, are being discussed.  

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As Green as we can be

  We are trying to become as carbon neutral as we can be. Our LED lighting is fitted throughout our office rooms and workshop. We also have solar panels, that generate approximately 50% of our electricity consumption. We recycle every piece of …

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Our Delivery Boxes

 As we have moved to online sales, we started to have conversations. Among the many conversations that we collectively had, the one that worried me the most is the use of single-use boxes and plastics and the effect it has on life. If you have …

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Our Prices

 We know the price tag of sustainable items can be overwhelming, and therefore, can seem expensive to live a sustainable lifestyle. You will benefit in the long run and it will be well worth the simple switch! By reusing over and over, the wooden …

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Spinning wool courses

 I have managed to acquire a beautiful Ashford spinning
wheel. This is actually my third.  

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Pin Looms

During the war old pieces of wood were used as frames with
nails in them. they were known as nail looms.
Rugs were made on them. the gaps were usually 1cm, at least apart. sometimes an inch, and rags were used. According to the history I have found.

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