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Pin Looms

 We are one of the largest Pin loom makers in the UK. We make a large variety of Pin looms. Full details in our pin loom shop section. 

Wood Turning

  We make most of our items using a method called wood turning. Each wooden item starts life as a block of hardwood, carefully selected for its grain and colour. Each block is then handmade, by wood turning, one at a time on a lathe until the
desired thickness and shape is produced, sanded, grain raised, sanded again …

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Our Story

 Ed-Woods Lincs is a local family run handmade wooden business. None of our products arrive, to us in a box. We make every single one, by hand. Using British timber, as our main ingredient for our smooth wooden items. Crafted not manufactured, in Lincolnshire. Our products are plastic free and long lasting. Over the …

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Denise Drury
I’ve been at a few fairs where you’ve been. Lovely well made items. Would certainly recommend having a look at what you do.

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