Bird Boxes RSPB approved

Bird Boxes RSPB approved


This bird box provides a safe and snug home for your birds to roost and nest. RSPB bird houses and nest boxes are made from sustainable, FSC, durable timber, so they're safe for birds and have good insulation properties, making them warm in winter and cool in summer.

Bird box, made to RSPB specifications. FSC new wood is used to construct the boxes, not reclaimed, chemical saturated wood, which is harmful to the birds. Like many handmade bird boxes. 

Easy lift lid , to empty out the contents, ready for next year and reinforced with screws, to make the boxes last longer, than just using a nail gun. No toxic glue is used in the construction of the boxes.

Finished in a light water based colour, which will not harm the birds, but camouflage the boxes, protecting the birds in your garden. properties, making them warm in winter and cool in summer.

Bird boxes are a fantastic addition to any garden, and here’s why you should consider using an RSPB approved bird box:

  1. Providing Safe Nesting Sites: Birds need safe places to nest and raise their young. Unfortunately, natural holes in trees and buildings are often scarce. By installing bird boxes, you offer them a cosy and secure spot to build their nests. these boxes provide essential shelter.
  2. Helping Declining Species: By putting up nest boxes, you contribute to their survival. For instance:
  • House Sparrows: These chirpy, cheeky birds are a wonderful addition to any outdoor space. Introduce a nest box or two, and give them somewhere to raise their chicks.
  1. Easy to Install: Adding artificial homes in the form of nest boxes is quick and easy. The bird box has a screw hole at the top, to secure to any wooden surface, such as tree, shed or fence. 
  2. Encouraging Return Visitors: Having plenty of safe nesting places encourages birds to return to your garden year after year. So, put up a bird box, and watch your feathered friends thrive! 

( Illustration birds are made from felt)

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