Returns policy

Under the UK consumer Rights Act 2015, consumers may be entitled to a refund, repair or replacement. If the goods are faulty or damaged. As all our items are handmade and bespoke to the order, they cannot be exchanged or refunded if you change your mind.

We do not give refunds as described in law if the customer knew

· The item was faulty or a second and they bought the item knowing that

· Damage an item trying to change, repair or miss lead us

· No longer want the bespoke item

Bespoke/personalised goods are exempt from the right to cancel for change of mind.

If the item is fully photographed and described then no refund is available by UK law.


The simple answer is no!

We work from premises that cannot accept visitors and we only sell at pop up events and on line.

During the Christmas period this is the biggest request and we are happy to do so. We offer a wrapping service which costs £2 per item. The recipient receives the goods in paper or a handmade gift bag, made of material. With a hand written card with your personal message. You are sent the tracking number and apart from the return address, which is a legal requirement, on the label no invoice or receipt is in the box.

Due to the very large volume of unsolicited calls that we received we decided we had to turn our phone line off. Our only line of communication is by email. This is for the safety of us, when we are in the workshop, using heavy machinery. As well as not being on call every hour of every day. We are a husband-and-wife team that cannot compete with the likes of multi-million-pound global companies. Sometimes I just need time for house work and cooking!

WE can always call you if you need verbal advise.

We only sell in the UK , due to export laws and additional taxes. 

Postage calculations are one of the biggest problem, when running an online selling website. If you have any queries please message. All over payment of postage will be refunded via PayPal. , Our postage default setting is for a small parcel , up to 2KG. This is priced at £3.50 and every additional item incurs a charge of 50P. Any postage overpayment will be refunded.

Some of our items will fit into a large envelope, they are clearly marked on the description and you will be sign posted to that postage.

A few of our items are really heavy and postage is at least £5.25 . We therefore ask you to read the item description and chose this postage for over sized items. Thank you.

Please remember that sometimes delays occur, due to trains not running , Covid and bank holiday closures.

We do not undertake any form of carpentry or joinery at your home. We make things to sell on our website and at craft fairs, only. 

Do you teach people in their own homes to spin etc?

Unfortunately, unless you have business premises we cannot. This is due to our Public liability Insurance. Classes are held around Lincolnshire, for example Alford craft market, where you can book inline.

From time to time, we are asked to make things specially for a customer. We have no problem making a bigger lazy Kate to accommodate your bobbins, or a different size loom, for example. We do not take on commissions of any other kind. 

Your item is covered by royal mail insurance. Once the parcel is examined by royal mail a refund is issued when they accept the claim. 

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