About Us

Wood Turned And Handmade

You get a highly polished item made of solid wood, which started life as a tree, grown in a sustainable forest. Nurtured and looked after, until it was cut down and milled, into a plank. The plank was transported to a wood yard and carefully stored to dry, using a kiln. We come along and buy the timber. It is then put on a band saw, so the corners can be trimmed to make as much of a circle as possible. Once it is in this shape it is put on a... Read more

Our Story

Ed-Woods Lincs is a local family run handmade wooden business. Known as Ed and Tracy Edwards. Ed, bringing his extensive expertise within the field of joinery and love of wood.

 He is the craftsman of this business that works tirelessly, striving for success, to create beautiful pieces for our website. Together we are crafting opulent and state-of-the-art functional pieces for both the home and garden.

Tracy brings a dedication to customer s... Read more

Pop up events

We attend a variety of pop up events , markets, village shows and local fairs , in Lincolnshire. 

We have t got a variety of events planned for the rest of 2024. Watch this space for announcements !

Pin Looms

We are one of the largest Pin loom makers in the UK. We make a large variety of looms, squares, diamonds, hearts and hexagons. Full details in our pin loom shop section. All looms come with full instructions, link to an FB support group and some pattern ideas. We are so proud of our looms, we put our name on them!

Craft lessons

 Tracy, BSc. Hons runs our local craft lessons. Tracy teaches sessions in Spinning, weaving, lucet braiding and fibre preparation. She can be booked on an hourly rate, plus expenses, with equipment included for a class, of up to 6. At a venue around the area of East Lindsey, Boston, Lincoln and Spalding. Or classes per person, at a set price.  

Markers markets and woolly events.

We attend markers markets and craft fairs, across Lincolnshire. 

We try not to attend events that have bought in items, such as books and cosmetics. 

As we specialise in Spinning, weaving and looming accessories and equipment, we also attend woolly events, across the country. We have attended Worsted woolly day, Corby Glen Sheep Day and Buston wool gathering, in the past.