Wood Turned And Handmade

You get a highly polished item made of solid wood, which started life as a tree, grown in a sustainable forest. Nurtured and looked after, until it was cut down and milled, into a plank. The plank was transported to a wood yard and carefully stored to dry, using a kiln. We come along and buy the timber. It is then put on a band saw, so the corners can be trimmed to make as much of a circle as possible. Once it is in this shape it is put on a wood lathe. We make most of our items using a method called wood turning. Each wooden item starts life as a block of hardwood, carefully selected for it's grain and colour. Each block is then and made, by wood turning, one at a time on a lathe until the desired thickness and shape is produced, sanded, grain raised,sanded again and sealed with either mineral oil, which is completely food safe or sand and sealer. The lathe spins the piece of wood round, while a skilled turner shapes the wood, using a series of chisels, to hollow out, shape and then smooth the piece of wood using sandpaper. This will take a few hours. The piece is then reversed to finish the bottom section using the same process. After the piece has been skilfully transformed into a unique one-off item, it is then coated in a food safe vegan mineral oil. All this takes time, maybe another few hours. We are so proud of our products , we put our name on it!

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