Our Story

Our Story

Ed-Woods Lincs is a local family run handmade wooden business. Our Mission is to bring together the very best of nature and traditional crafts, to create high quality products, while preserving our natural heritage, protecting forests and reducing our impact on the planet. None of our products arrive, to us, in a box.

We make every single one of our products by hand. Using British timber, as our main ingredient for our smooth wooden items crafted (not manufactured) in Lincolnshire. Our products are plastic free and long-lasting. When you make a purchase you support our UK manufacturing handmade craft business. You help maintain our low carbon footprint and help support the environment.

Over the last few years, we have expanded our business and developed our range to grow with the demand for less plastic and an eco-friendlier finished item. We also supply other craft shops and make wooden items for Lincolnshire based companies, to sell to the general public, through their own retail outlets.

This small cottage industry is built from family experience, to become a small business that enjoys making items. From purchasing, collecting, processing logs and wood blanks to the manufacture and sale of our unique ethical range, with its own beauty and natural look. We are based in Lincolnshire. Wood is locally sourced. Our wood comes from the local forestry and wood yards, which are managed to maintain an ecological balance. Some are FSC certified.

All our waste is used in a local sustainable way such as organic compost, firewood or for pets. This helps the environment making us as low carbon, as possible. We finish all our food bowls in Vegan food safe oil. We sell only to UK customers, again keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum.
We happily adapt products to enable people with disabilities, make custom items and design and adapt items to create the perfect product which our customers have requested.

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