Bee hotel wigwam shaped

Bee hotel wigwam shaped


Welcome to another design of our bee house. This time we have used cane and finished our design with a wigwam shape. This item is to attract various types of bees, that are essential for pollination.

We have natural and red in stock 

The bees are not harmful to humans. The Insect Hotel is filled with bamboo tubes making it ideal for solitary bees. They will lay eggs within the tubes and then seal them up with mud. The bees will bite through the mud to emerge one by one. These newly fledged bees will then begin searching for a nesting site and mate, and so the process starts again.

Insects such as bees and ladybirds are an important part of our ecosystem. They aid in the pollination of plants and function as a natural pest-control.

It is made from FSC-certified wood and includes a hanging bracket. Simply mount against a wall or fence up to a height of 1.5 metres and preferably in or around flowers. Positioning south-facing is always recommended if possible.

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