Drink bottle drainer

Drink bottle drainer

bottle rack:
bottle rack
drink bottle rack
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drink bottle rack
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drink bottle rack
drink rack:
bottle drainer
drink bottle rack:
drink bottle rack
Drink Bottle rack:
drink bottle rack
Drink Bottle dryer:
Drink bottle drying rack

This rack is designed to hold your water bottles , after washing. To let them drain and dry . The drainer piles are angled to allow the water to drip and dry.
Made of beech or sycamore , they will not mark your bottle. they will not last for ever , but are made to give you years of service. . Sycamore has natural anti bacterial properties. Handy to dry bottles, cups, jars , even rubber gloves!

Care of your strainer

Excess water could mark this item. we suggest you wash down with soapy water, but do not submerge. Then leave to dry. Access marking can we rubbed off with a piece of sand paper or emery nail board.

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