Mouse and cheese display

Mouse and cheese display

wooden gift:
mouse and cheese

These wooden mice are a cute addition to your kitchen or home. They are featured in a wooden block of cheese. You can use your cheese tray at a party or set one inside a cabinet for a cute "surprise" to whoever opens it! These were hand turned on a wood lathe, sanded and a leather tail added. Each one is different because of the wood grain and each one is equally adorable. The mouse is made from English oak and the cheese is crafted from Lime wood. The mice are all approx. 5cm long ( not including the tail), The cheese block varies with an average size of 5cm high, 8cm wide. Listing is for 1 mouse and one block of cheese. The mouse can be removed from the block. Please note these are not meant to be toys and should be kept out of reach of small children.

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