Glasses stand

Glasses stand


 A spectacle or glasses holder. Wood colour and grain may vary. There are two styles to choose from. The average height of the tall and thin is 100mm, the chunky is slightly smaller at 95mm. The chunky stands are made for the bigger framed glasses.

Wood colour and grain may vary. As wood is a natural material. Every piece of wood has a different character: the colour, grain and texture, the knots and whirls.

 We promise that you will be able to identify your distinct individual product from all others.

Wood, as a natural product, continues to mature and change in colour and shape over time. This and the fact that each item is hand-sculpted mean that you may anticipate slight differences in measurements and shapes.

None of our products arrive, to us in a box. We make every single one, by hand. Using British timber, as our main ingredient for our smooth wooden items. Crafted not manufactured, in Lincolnshire. Our products are plastic free and long lasting.

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