Postage Explained

Postage Explained

Postage calculations are one of the biggest problem, when running an online selling website. If you have any queries please message. All over payment of postage will be refunded via PayPal. , Our postage default setting is for a small parcel , up to 2KG. This is priced at £3.80 and every additional item incurs a charge of 50P. Any postage overpayment will be refunded. This is usually by refunding your PayPal account. Small amounts are sometimes refunded in postage stamps. 

Some of our items will fit into a large envelope, they are clearly marked on the description and you will be sign posted to that postage.

A few of our items are really heavy and postage is at least £5.50 for medium parcels and over £10 for large parcels. EU postage is £14. We therefore ask you to read the item description and chose this postage for over sized items. Thank you.

Please remember that sometimes delays occur, due to trains not running, strikes and holiday closures. 

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