Alford Peg loom course

Alford Peg loom course


Peg loom weaving a rug.

Peg loom weaving a rug with Tracy of Edwoods Lincs on Friday 1st November, 2024 10.30am - 2pm.

Come and join me in the ancient art of spinning and weaving by taking part in this rug making workshop. You can watch as your very own handmade rug is woven from wool, which will be transformed into a rug using traditional weaving techniques, centuries old.

We offer a fun filled day for all - no experience needed! All you need to do is to attend one class. Each class will begin and end with a final product and will host up to five participants. Each class will be held from 10.30 -2, breaking for lunch.


Part of my spinning and weaving course held at Alford. Join me for a day of weaving and relaxation. You will learn how to prepare fleece, set up a peg loom and weave a simple rug to take home with you. Peg looms are great for using a mixture of fleece, yarn or fabric, and using up your stash. A great class for beginners.

What's included in the price?

Warping thread and fleece, or if you prefer fleece material strips which will be provided. You will have the use of a peg loom for the day and wool carding combs will be available to use. Peg looms can be purchased, pre ordering is easier but not essential.

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