Wool Combs ( hackle, wool, viking)

Wool Combs ( hackle, wool, viking)

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 The hackle comb range are all produced here in Lincolnshire in our workshop. Each set are individually handmade and made of Oak wood. This is a bespoke item with no returns.

The closer the tines the better they are for fine fibres and inversely the wider apart the tines the better they work for medium to corse fibres.  

Each comb is made with tines of 3mm precision angle ground points hardened and tempered stainless steel. After grinding each tine, by hand, they are then polished to ensure a good snag free finish. The standard size, head has 13 tines, which are 12cm long, 3mm thick, stainless steel. The combs have two rows, of tines, which are 3.18mm in diameter, 4 .25 inch long and spaced ½ inch or 12cm apart from centre. To compare other brands, refer to these at Viking combs.

You may prefer one of our custom-made options, such as 7cm tines or a table mounted version, where one comb is made as a board to fix onto the table with clamps, which can be purchased at any DIY store.

Our hackle combs are made of stainless steel to produce a row of bedded sharp, long tempered polished tines at even intervals. The combs are used in pairs to dehair fleece, Straighten the locks, detangle fleece in fibre preparation, ready to spin. They can also be used to blend different colours of fleece.

English: A heckling comb, hackling comb, hatchel or hackle is a tool with sharp metal teeth used to clean and straighten flax or other animal fibres.

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