Mayan hand spinner kit

Mayan hand spinner kit


Paddle Spindle Mayan Spinner

'Mayan Hand Spinner' is a tool for spinning and plying fibre. Based on the design used by the ancient Mayans of Central America, Guatemala, the Hand Spinner is twirled around to introduce the twist into the fibres. This is an easy way to hand spin, allowing a lot of control of speed for the beginner. When a length of fibre or wool has been spun it is wound around the paddle and a further length of wool is spun.

You can spin quite a large ball on the Hand Spinner at one time. After spinning you can also ply your yarn on the Hand Spinner.

The Paddle measures 17cm long X 2 cm wide and the twirling handle is also 17cm long.

About this item

· KIT INCLUDES: everything you need to start learning how to spin your own wool - a solid wooden paddle spinner, a generous skein of super soft roving and a set of instructions.

· ROVING is unspun wool that has been pre-drafted to the size of a fat pencil. Beginning spinner will appreciate how easy it is to draft this fibre

· WOOL - approximately 4 oz (113 g),

· MADE IN THE UK - CRUELTY FREE - PREMIUM QUALITY - Each skein is purchased from Jon Arbon textiles, made in the UK, not imported. From British sheep and in natural colours. 

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