Segmented coin bowl

Segmented coin bowl

wooden bowl:
small bowl
coin bowl:
small bowl

 Small wooden bowl , made by laminating the oak, Sapele, sycamore and cherry wood together , making a unique individual item , that is one of a kind. There are two bowls to chose from. The diameter of each bowl is approximately 10cm and 5 cm deep. Sizes vary due to the handmade process. 

Why buy wood?

Plastic is not only a hazard to the environment but did you know that plastic actually harbours bacteria more than any other material, as it is porous. They suck up stains and melt on heat contact. Plastic should be replaced every few years, while wood lasts a last time.

Wood is a material that nature has invested in. It is durable, hard wearing and has a natural antibacterial property.

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