Tailors Clapper press - 9 inch

Tailors Clapper press

Tailors Clapper press - 9 inch
9 inch

 Beech hard wood tailors clapper. Weight 700g-800g


Smoothed and sanded, without finishing, so the wood can absorb steam. The clapper has been designed with a groove around
the middle, for easy grip and has been sanded to a silky soft finish. There have been no additives to the wood, so that it absorbs the steam. This tailor’s clapper is made in the UK by hand, from British timber. A tailors clapper is used by absorbing the steam, applied to a seam and locking in the heat. As you press down with the clapper, the pressure sets the fabric flat. The hard beech wood of this clapper, absorbs the steam and traps the heat inside the fabric. You can use the tailors clapper on quilts, seams, collars, cuffs and hems. You can also use to make kilt pleats. The clapper is used either with a spray bottle or
the steam from an iron. 

choose either 8inch (20cm) or 9inches ( 23cm)long. This item is heavy at around 800G,  

We can make the clapper up to 11 inches , if you would like a custom one made please message. 

If purchasing more than one item select medium parcel, please. 

L 23cm x W8cm x H 5cm weight 800g (9inch )

L20cmx W8cm x H5cm Weight 700g (8inch)

weight can vary , this is an average guide.

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