Hackle wool blending bar

Hackle wool blending bar

made to order
blending bar:
blending bar
double row wool bar:
double row wool bar
hackle bar:
hackle bar
wool blending bar:
wool blending bar
heckle bar:
heckle bar
heckle blending bar:
heckle blending bar

Total length 16" (40cm) Working length 8.5" (22cm) Height of tines 3.5" (9cm) tine diameter 3mm, tine Spacing: 1/2".

Double row of 16 tines in each row. (Total 32) Hand Precision ground stainless steel tines We strongly suggest that the bar is not left unattended and packed away for safety when not in use. Beautifully hand-crafted hardwood with a natural finish. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS. Made from solid oak, which is a hard wood. The Double Row hackle is suitable for de-tangling double coated fleeces and excellent for colour blending combed or carded fleeces.

The hackle is designed to be Clamped to a table in order to provide a solid base to work with. The Clamps can be purchased at any DIY chain, as they will need to be big enough to fit around both your work surface and blending bar. G clamps work perfectly.

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