dress makers bobbin holder (LK)

dress makers bobbin holder (LK)

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cotton reel holder
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wooden cotton reel holder

A bobbin holder or lazy Kate. A choice of one or two bars. Each bar holds two Gutermann reels. (12cm gap. )

Great for sewing , embroidery. Based on a Victorian design , to enable you to access the thread , while using multiple colours.

 Dressmaker’s Bobbin Holder 

Truly delightful little 21st Century dressmaker’s bobbin or spool holder .and supports, with two removable lugs with long metal pins attached to hold spools of thread.

Made of hard wood, tulip wood is shown in this picture and holds flat for east storage, by removing the two columns.

There is also a magnet on the base, so you can keep your needles and pins in a safe place, while in use.

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