Darning set, pot and mushroom

Darning set, pot and mushroom

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darning mushroom
darning mushroom:
darning socks
darning socks:
Darning mushroom
wooden darning mushroom:
wooden Darning mushroom

A darning mushroom , made of hardwood and a needle case, with darning needles included. Makes a great darning gift. Made of Cherry wood.

The darning needle case design may vary. The case is 13cm tall, with a diameter of 4cm, the internal diameter is 2.2cm . This case can accommodate needles with a height of 76mm or 3 inches. 

The diameter of the mushroom is (3.5inches) 9cm, across the dome.

Historical information

The darning mushroom would have been an essential tool in an era when women were constantly repairing worn socks. Before the common use of synthetic materials, socks and other items of clothing were in constant need of repair. Darning would have been considered a necessary skill. The mushroom was used to make repairs to clothing and bed linen.

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