Peg Loom 12 inch. Bow maker

Peg Loom 12 inch. Bow maker

Peg loom
Bow maker:
Bow maker

 This loom has two rows of pegs. The loom makes a 12.5 inch ( 32cm ) woven area. These Peg Looms are hand made in Lincolnshire, the base is made of hardwood, and the pegs are made of Oak wood, for strength and durability. smooth grip pads at the bottom of the loom, stop it from sliding across the table All necessary pegs have been hand turned and are included 12mm pegs made of wood. The look can also be used to make bows, by only using a few pegs in the frame . 


Weave bags, scarves, rugs, make patched blankets and so many other useful products. Very simple to use, so the most inexperienced user can create attractive, useful and decorative items.  

Peg loom weaving is a great tool when it comes to recycling. Use oddments of wool, strips of fabric, un-spun fleece, plastic bags - almost anything. It's only the bounds of your imagination that will stop you! Weavers traditionally use yarn spun from natural fibres like cotton, silk and wool.

400mm double gauge, 2 row, Peg loom hand crafted hardwood.
Loom specifics: - 

 Length 400mm - Width 60mm 

Row 1 - 12 x 12mm peg holes at 25mm centre spacing  

Row 2 - 9x 12mm peg
holes at 40mm centre spacing  

All looms are created in our own workshop, made by hand, cut, drilled, wood turned, sanded and hand finished with natural, wood finish.  

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