Hardwood 4inch gold pin 6mm+tool

Hardwood 4inch gold pin 6mm+tool

Hardwood 4inch gold pin 6mm+tool

A knitting pin loom square frame that allows you to weave a square with a uniform size. easy to use .The main pin loom comes with a hand turned hook, for easier application and will make a 4inch or 10cm square. comes with a pin loom tool, which is flexible and will bend. this allows you to manoeuvre the tool around both the wool and the frame.. This square loom will produce a square that can be used in all types of knitted craft. From blankets, coats, gloves, a scarf. The possibilities are endless. 

Easy to use and quick to learn, comes with paper instructions and a Facebook link. 


Made from solid wood and updated brass loom pins surround the edge. We suggest that they are used by adults, however if they are used with children they should be fully supervised. This product should be used and stored away from children and animals, due to the pin design. Pin gap, is 1/2 inch or 10mm .which is evenly space around the loom. 

. we send out the eBook , with all our looms and instructions. 

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