Gardeners  Gift set.

Gardeners Gift set.

Gardeners  Gift set.

 Create perfect straight lines with this gardeners row maker. They are ideal for vegetable gardens and raised flower beds to get the most out of your gardens planting space. Simply insert one marker into the soil and unwind the string as you place the second marker, into the soil. Each marker is hand turned, with a grove to hold the string in place. Just press the string into the grove to keep it in place. 

Each marker measurers approximately 22cm long and comes with 12 foot of natural cotton string. This pack includes Our garden dibber, is hand turned and based on a traditional English design, perfect for any English garden. This is the ideal tool for making holes in the ground so that seeds, seedlings or small bulbs can be planted. No more hunting for pencils or guess work, the dibber has 1inch incremental markings, to help determine required depth on two points. Made of Oak to match the row markers. Comes with a box to plant either herbs, store your gardening bits of put your seeds in.

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