Sycamore Bowl. S1

Sycamore Bowl. S1



H8cmxD 18cm 

.We have lovingly and carefully created this bowl, making the most of the vibrant grain, natural colour, and texturing. A beautiful tactile hand turned bowl made from English Sycamore. The wooden bowl is made from British trees. Wood has a natural antibacterial property, making them practical, sustainable and a natural alternative to plastic. All our wooden items are eco-friendly, sustainable, recyclable and durable. Our products are designed for everyday use, within the home. For cleaning, please remember to wash your item in lightly soapy water, dry well with a cloth and do not submerge for long periods or place in a dish washer. Reapply a food safe mineral oil occasionally. The Sycamore tree is a member of the Earth’s oldest family of trees – found to be more than 100 million years old. The Sycamore tree symbolises and encourages new gifts, appreciating beauty all around us, intuition and nourishment. Sycamore also symbolises development, perseverance and vitality. Considered a Holy tree to the past Native-American cultures

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