Sapele 10cm bowl

Sapele 10cm bowl


 A small Sapele bowl. This little bowl has a 10cm diameter and is 6cm tall. Ideal for serving small snacks, storing keys , loose coins or my favourite a sweet bowl. 

 Caring for your Bowl

Make sure you clean your Bowl, after every use. You can wash by wiping down with hot soapy water, make sure you scrub the Bowl well. Do not submerge or place in dishwasher, as this will crack or warp. Leave it to dry by standing up, so the air circulates all around the Bowl and dries evenly.

Every few weeks, depending on use, just re-oil your Bowl. We suggest a food safe mineral Bowl oil, such as the one available from Ikea. Do not use vegetable, nut or fruit oil, as these will cause a bacteria build up. Re applying oil is easy. Just pour about 5ml of oil onto the Bowl and rub over both sides, using a circular motion, make sure every edge and end is oiled evenly.

Why buy wood?

Plastic is not only a hazard to the environment but did you know that plastic actually harbours bacteria more than any other material, as it is porous. They suck up stains and melt on heat contact. Plastic should be replaced every few years, while wood lasts a last time.

Wood is a material that nature has invested in. It is durable, hard wearing and has a natural antibacterial property.


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