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Rolling Pins

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Our luxury wooden rolling pin is a classic kitchen tool. As the rolling pins are hard to identify, please message with a screen shot of the one you require, so we do not make a mistake. 

It is essentially comprised of a body that is 30cm or 12 inches long. This part of the rolling pin is flat, to produce an even uniform thickness to your dough or pastry. The classic wooden rolling pins are hand crafted from a mixture of hard woods with a smooth surface that effortlessly glides over the dough.

Versatile use – Wooden rolling pins can be used for a wide variety of recipes including pizza, cookies, pie and biscuits.

Our rolling pins have been made from a combination of hard woods to create a unique one of a kind rolling pin. The description is in the picture, to help you chose. They are made from a combination of Ash, Sycamore, Sapele and Beech.

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