Large beech soap dish

Large beech soap dish


 Solid hand made wooden soap rack. 16cm X 9cm.Made from beech wood. These soap holders are made from 100% wood, giving a whole new lease on life for beautiful pieces of wood that may have otherwise been thrown away. And, even better, they are produced locally in our Lincolnshire workshop. A must for storing natural soap in your bathroom, kitchen or use to rest your scourer on. They not only look great, but will help prolong the life of your soaps by ensuring that they are properly drained after every wash. 

 Made from 100% wood, Plastic Free .

Ensures your soaps are properly drained after every wash 

prolongs the life of your soap 

  • Produced in Great Britain 


Place your soap on the wood soap holder in a dry place in your
bathroom/kitchen/laundry. Allow to dry in-between washes. 

Materials: Beech wood. 

End of Life:
Place your wood soap holder into the recycling bin when it has reached the end
of its useful life. Alternatively, place in your wood burner. 

Caring for your soap dish

Make sure you clean your soap dish, after every use. You can wash by wiping down with hot soapy water, make sure you scrub the soap dish well. Do not submerge or place in dishwasher, as this will crack or warp. Leave it to dry by standing up, so the air circulates all around the soap dish and dries evenly.

Why buy wood?

Plastic is not only a hazard to the environment but did you know that plastic actually harbours bacteria more than any other material, as it is porous. They suck up stains and melt on heat contact. Plastic should be replaced every few years, while wood lasts a last time.

Wood is a material that nature has invested in. It is durable, hard wearing and has a natural antibacterial property.

 ( soap not included) 

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