Pin Looms

Pin Looms

During the war old pieces of wood were used as frames with nails in them. they were known as nail looms. Rugs were made on them. the gaps were usually 1cm, at least apart. sometimes an inch, and rags were used. According to the history I have found. I know that they are
ideally used within the spinning and weaving community and lots of groups
use them. I was given one, which was a piece of wood with nails in. 10inch square with 8-inch square pins. I
couldn't use it. I have a right arm disability. I found it bulky, hard to hold and almost
impossible to weave.
So I asked Ed to drill a big hole in the middle. Then we modified an orifice hook, which we later made stronger, into our weaving hook we use today. After several goes, we decided to start again and make a wooden frame. Little did I know then that there was a market or even other loom makers out there. Which is why our looms are based on my needs and friends requests. It has just grown from there. I attended the Buxton, wool gatherings in 2019. We were the only loom makers, selling only a few. Most of the stuff we sold were all yarn bowls and spinning items. Our looms have gone as far as the Netherlands, Greece and Spain, as high up as Scotland's little islands and as far down as Devon and Cornwall.

Picture of my personal loom collection. The looms have improved greatly , since we started to sell them.

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