World environmental day June 5th 2024

World environmental day June 5th 2024

Celebrating world environmental day

Your home favourites are made from sustainable wood, and by suppliers who care about minimising our impact on the environment. We don't encourage throw away products, our items are designed and made to last years., we create well-made products that stand the test of time, with mindful decision making in sourcing and manufacturing our most-loved items.

Wood is long-lasting and incredibly strong.

Natural, renewable, biodegradable, are woods thrown together to describe eco friendly items. We try our hardest to be as green as we can be. We use natural products, such as bees wax and mineral vegetable oil to finish our items. We use solar power, where possible, as not every day is a good generation day. All our items, wood chip waste is biodegradable and we use every type of packaging we receive again! Through using recycled packaging in our products, less goes to landfill, which means less soil contamination, and less air and water pollution.

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