Our Prices

Our Prices

We know the price tag of sustainable items can be overwhelming, and therefore, can seem expensive to live a sustainable lifestyle. You will benefit in the long run and it will be well worth the simple switch! By reusing over and over, the wooden items are designed to last. Our items are not just practical alternatives, but also
beautiful gifts. We try to keep our prices as low as possible. Why we are cheaper on our website. We sell on a few selling
platforms. Up until recently we sold on eBay, from 2016, Etsy from 2017, Amazon 2020 and our own website from 2020. We decided to close our Amazon and eBay shops, due to the high cost of transaction and payment processing fees. So, when our customers ask us why we can sell our items cheaper on our own website, than Etsy, I would like to share with you the additional cost we incur as a seller.

Firstly, every item is listed, which incurs a 20p fee. In the UK we are charged 4% +20p for every sale that we make. This is called the payment processing fee. 5% of all items costs, which is gift wrap, postage and the designated listing occur a transaction fee. Then we pay 20% UK VAT on all of these payments.

Breaking this down a £10 listed item fee is as follows

20p listing fee

Regulatory Fee 4p

60p payment processing fee

50p transaction fee

26p VAT

£3.20 postage

Which leaves just £4.20.

This is how we can charge less on our website. We do pay for our website and we pay PayPal a transaction fee on every payment processed. However if we paid the 12% of site ad fee, which Esty has auto enrolled us in , then we have to pay additional costs. Resulting in this sale giving us just £3

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