Our Delivery Boxes

Our Delivery Boxes

Did you Know Our Delivery Boxes are 100% recyclable?

As we have moved to online sales, in 2020, we started to have conversations. Among the many conversations that we collectively had, the one that worried me the most is the use of single-use boxes and plastics and the effect it has on life.

If you have never shopped with us before you may be surprised with your parcel. The package you receive may look a little different from what you may expect. All our items are delivered in eco-friendly packaging, which means it is 100% recyclable. A cereal box, shoe box, supermarket surplus or recycled package. We use cardboard boxes, which are mainly recycled pre parcelled boxes, or surplus new food boxes that would have been disposed of. We also collect from family and neighbours. This way we try and keep the cardboard in use and give them another purpose in life. We also shred waste paper to use as packaging. This has not only been an excellent idea during lock down, but something we intend to continue to do. We care about making sustainable choices and aim to have a positive impact on the environment.

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