After struggling to purchase British made wands to represent my favourite characters from the wizarding world, I felt I needed to make my own. Our wands are my creations, not recreations. The following wands are all sculpted in wood, not plastic or resin and are my interpretation of wands. They are not direct copies, of any film franchise, which we do not make. A perfect gift for any budding witch or wizard. All our Wands are UKCA tested, as they can look like toys.

Sapele wand 18inch or 46cm long. WS1. This is a long slender wand .

Sapele Wand 10inch or 26cm . WS2 . This is a light short wand.

Oak wand 34cm or 13inch. WA1. This is a thick wand.

Bespoke Handmade Wands from us are unique and turned for you by our resident Wand Maker, Ed. Every one of these Wands, is individually made and unique for your wizard; hand-turned from a selection of beautiful woods from sustainable sources and then waxed by our wand-maker, making no two wands the same, the wand will be individually hand turned for you in your choice of wood, then oiled and waxed for a long-lasting finish. The pictures shown give you an idea of the various styles. Average length 32cm. comes with a description of the magical powers of the wood the wand is made from and a wand permit. For example, Beech wood symbolises creativity, leadership, companionship, aspiration, desire, and victory.

The Druids associated the oak with the Wren. Closely aligned with the elements Earth, Water, and Spirit, the Oak is considered to be the most powerful and the most sacred to the Druids.

Wizards consider this the most amplified wood to use in spells that work with time and counter spells. Oak brings vitality and long life and Oak magic inspires bravery, presence, leadership skills, prosperity, and strength “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow” goes the quote. Oak is Known as Wizard Wood; this wood is perhaps the strongest. It Draws off the element of fire, as well as lightning. It Seeks a powerful companion, a guardian and liberator. Excellent for protection, defensive, prosperity, sacrifice and power house spells. Robust and true, Oak is strongly rooted in the earth and easily channels natural life energies. Slow and steady growing, Oak helps one intuitively focus on the task at hand. Are you a true wizard?

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