Per clock

 This wooden mantel or bedside clock makes a
fabulous gift for any occasion whether it's a Christmas present for a grandparent, an engagement or anniversary present for a special
couple or even a birthday present or retirement gift.

The wooden clock, is made of Ash, which has a decorative arch shaped top with a gold rim coloured border around the clock face which is white with Arabic numerals around the inside. The clock has a
minute and hour hand and is set from the rear.

The clock is supplied with a 377 button cell battery fitted. To start the clock, you just remove the battery saving clip located under the crown (winder), set the time and push in the crown. This is to prevent battery drain during storage.  

Just 7cm tall. comes in a variety of colours

. please select.   

Orange- paduk

sepele- dark wood

 picture shows Oak and ash 

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