Cherry wood rolling pin.30cm

Cherry wood rolling pin.30cm

Cherry wood rolling pin.30cm

Rolling pin Handmade English Cherry Wood. 30cm Long solid wood .

 A rolling pin is an essential item to have in your kitchen. This simple design is for pastry, biscuit making, but also for make pizza, pasta, dumplings or flatbreads A good hardwood rolling pin is one of the best all-rounders in the world of pins.  

Making a Wooden Rolling Pin 

Each wooden rolling pin starts life as a block of hardwood, carefully selected for its grain and colour. Each block is then handmade, by wood turning, one at a time on a lathe until the desired thickness and shape is produced, sanded, grain raised, sanded again and sealed with mineral oil, which is completely food safe and Vegan. As a natural product they can vary slightly in size, grain and colour due to natural variations in the wood. 

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