The season finally feels like it is about to turn, the blossom on the tree is beginning to burst into colour and the birds have returned to the garden. We have even experienced some wonderful 18c day time highs.

Over the next few weeks, we will be making a new variety of wooden flowers, growing our bird products to stock in our local pet shop and connecting with new events at varied venues.

When we started our little craft business, back in 2015, we wanted to evolve with new ideas and changing items to represent the changes of the season, as well as bringing a touch of the forest from outdoors, into the home.

We have also decided that we cannot be contactable, every minute of every day. We have therefore removed our mobile number from our website. This is because some people must think that we are awake 24 hours a day. Or that we have a team of dedicated staff, on hand, to answer calls every day of the week, every day of the year and every minute of the day. When in reality, it is me and Ed, working and making wooden items. I also believe that mobiles are a big distraction and should never go into the work shop along side saws and sanders.

You can still contact us using the contact form, or email, or message. We may just take a little time to get back to you.

This picture was taken by a customer, of her very large bunch of wooden flowers were delivered.

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