July 2022

July 2022

July 2022

Hello and hope you are all well.

It feels like a very long gap, we have attended a few events. It has been with mixed feelings. Our first event, was at Carrington. It rained, true to Carrington show style. I feel sorry for them, at it seems to happen every year. It was not as busy as previous years and the organisers tried to pack the arena with great entertainment. The featured quad bike stunts were excellent. It was also great to see so many vintage cars, tractors and classic bikes in the arena. The steam engines the biggest display of both days.

All our events have incurred not just traders rent for us, but also entrance fees for attendees. We have noticed a vast increase in both tariffs, which in some small villages have priced out the local residents.

We have kept our events list to a minimum this year. We booked a few in January and February, then decided not to book many more, due to the uncertainty of everything. It has turned out to be a wise decision. We still have some of our limited stock in small business outlets, such as Lilly’s Ark Stickney, Appleby’s Cleethorpes and on websites. We have also decided to discontinue our collaboration and commissioned work with South Ormsby, Siemens and the Plastic free planet. Giving us more control of prices and keeping our items as low as we possibly can , so our customers do not have to pay unnecessarily high commission prices.

Picture is off our lovely local live stock , which surrounds our back fence. 

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