COP26 climate summit

COP26 climate summit

COP26 climate summit

On the eve of the COP26 climate summit, the news is full of celebrities and campaigners, adding their point of view. Arnold Schwarzenegger has added that one of the biggest pollutants is cargo ships.

"Buy local products. Every time you buy something from overseas, that is evil for the environment - this is like the worst thing you can do." He said in an interview with the BBC on 29th October 2021.

I have, for a long time, tried this philosophy. Although I do get the occasional parcel, which states UK, when ordering only to turns up with
a Chinese import label. It isn’t always as easy as we may think. Our customers
can rest assured that all our items, were made by Ed, in our GB workshop, in
Lincolnshire. All our wood is sourced in Lincolnshire and we try to use British

We also have an eco-statement on here. We use and reuse as much as possible. We reuse packaging. I loved the idea of fancy boxes, with our
logo on, coloured wrapped tissue paper and post cards with our information on,
thank you cards and stickers. However, the reality is that this is a waste of
resources. With unnecessary waste generated by the extra printing, sticky
labels and coloured glossy paper, that cannot be recycled. So, we chose to buy
boxes destined to be destroyed, as they were ordered by other companies and surplus to requirements. Every box we and our neighbours receive is reused. Shoe boxes, Amazon, eBay, I have even used a box that was home to a blow-up floating flamingo. (Not one of my purchases, I must add).

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